A fundraiser for the digital age.

Created for busy people like you.

Fundraising for any organization

Sports Teams.

School Extracurricular.

Church Groups.

Fundraising that’s simple, secure, and successful for any type of organization.

Gofi is a twist on the old

discount cards that you

already know and love.

Everyone is searching for new fundraising ideas but no one is reinventing them. Gofi is a fresh take on the discount cards that have been used to raise millions of dollars. Instead of purchasing a physical card, your supporters purchase an activation code which is used to unlock the Gofi mobile application to reveal their discounts.

How we  help you succeed

When you get started with Gofi, you instantly have access to one of our onboarding experts to help you get your fundraiser up and raising money. In addition, we also offer a resource section to help you make the most of your time.

  • Secure Digital Transactions
  • Unlimited Fundraisers
  • Friendly Tech Support
  • Onboarding Expert
  • Access to Gofi Dashboard
Your Money
  • No Cash Involved
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Available Instantly
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Easy Bank Transfers
Gofi Dashboard
  • Add & Edit Businesses
  • Add & Edit Deals
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Simple Image Uploading
  • Easy Text Editor
  • Unique for Each Fundraiser
  • Student Tracking
  • Data From Supporters
  • Quick & Fast
  • Goal Tracking for Supporters
Fundraising Dashboard

This Is Gofi Dashboard

Gofi Dashboard is your home base for all your fundraisers. Tweak the offerings your supporters see in the Gofi app and get real time analytics on all your fundraisers.


Get critical information for all your fundraisers with just a click.

Easy to Use

No extra software or code to write. Just simple forms to add text to.


Add, edit, and remove businesses and deals for all your fundraisers.


The changes you make are live instantly across all of your fundraisers.

View the demo

Every dollar is secure with Stripe

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No Fuss Deposits & Withdraws

Access your funds instantly via your Stripe account. For every activation sold, your profit is instantly deposited into your stripe account and ready for you to withdraw.

Your Money is Locked, Safe, and Secure

With Gofi, cash is never exchanged hand to hand. Instead your funds are secure inside your Stripe account at all times under your control.

Get Started Today & Start Raising Money.