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Over the past five years, Stripe has taken the reigns as the leader in handling online payment transactions. We’ve strategically partnered with Stripe to ensure Gofi is the most secure fundraiser on the planet.

Although Stripe and Gofi are completely separate entities, we’ve worked hard to make integrating with Stripe as easy as a couple of clicks. Stripe handles all of the transactions on Gofi so rest assured, your money is safe.

Securing your funds

As the internet becomes more engrained in our daily lives, it becomes exponentially more important to ensure the purchaser and receiver are secure. Any company involved in processing payments online is required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. So when we say your money is secure with Stripe, we mean it.

Any company, such as Gofi, that does business with Stripe is required to validate their PCI compliance annually via the PCI Security Standards Council. Gofi is committed to making sure your funds are secure end to end from the initial purchase, through transfers, and finally deposits. Gofi uses modern TSL and SSL internet protocols to ensure your supporters information is encrypted and safely received by Stripe. In doing all this, we hope you feel safe using Gofi and Stripe together.

Working Together

Think of the integration between Gofi and Stripe like a song featuring another artist. Both artists exist independently of each other but come together to create something new. In the same way, Gofi and Stripe work together to create an experience that is seamless and powerful. So how does it work? First you’ll need to sign up for Gofi and purchase access for one year of unlimited fundraisers. Via your Gofi account portal, you’ll connect your Gofi and Stripe accounts.

You can create your account for the first time during this process or sign in to an existing account. Once your accounts are linked, you are then able to create a fundraiser and designate the selling  price. When a supporter checks out from your fundraiser page, your funds and the Gofi fee are automatically split and entered into your account immediately ready to be deposited into your bank via Stripe.

Lock Down Your Account

All fundraisers are a real team effort. From the organizers, to the sellers, everyone has to do their own part for a fundraiser to be successful. The problem with that is making sure as few people as possible have access to the funds raised as possible. With Stripe, you have the flexibility of making your Gofi account completely locked down. We know that there is likely to be several people with access to your account portal which creates a vulnerability.

To make sure no one can disconnect your Stripe account and connect their own, we offer you the ability to lock down your account. Once you’ve connected your Stripe account, click the “Lock Down” tab in your Gofi account portal and follow the on screen instructions. This will leave your connection to Stripe in tact while removing it from your account portal. By locking down your account you can rest assured knowing where your funds are going.


While building Gofi we worked hard to make sure with all the moving pieces going on that as little as possible could go wrong. We aren’t however naive enough to think that the occasional issue will not arise. In an effort to be completely transparent we want you to know who is responsible for supporting these issues. With Stripe integration, figuring out who’s at fault can be a bit tricky at times.

In general, Gofi is responsible for your entire fundraiser, receiving payments for activations codes, your Gofi web and application account, and sending the money to your Stripe account. Stripe is therefore responsible for any account issues, bank transfers, and any tax related documents. We hope this helps and if you aren’t sure where to report an issue, just reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

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