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What is Gofi?

Gofi is an online fundraiser that makes it simple to raise money. Gofi gives you the ability to create a fundraiser where your members will sell activation codes to our mobile application. The Gofi mobile application is filled with local businesses and deals you’ve acquired and entered in via the Gofi Dashboard.

How do I collect payments?

Gofi uses Stripe to process digital transactions. Supporters can pay for activation codes via their credit cards. Gofi covers all the processing fees and automatically deposits your money into your Stripe account where it’s safely stored until you decide to withdraw it.

Do I need to link my bank account?

Not with Gofi. Your bank information will need to be entered into your Stripe account where Gofi sends all of your raised funds. Stripe is the most trusted company in online payments so you can be sure you’re bank information and raised funds are secure.

How do I get started?

Getting started with Gofi is as easy as possible. Click the, “Get Started” button in the menu navigation or below for more instructions. With just a few simple steps you’ll be on your way to raising money online for your organization.

Get Started

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

After you’ve signed up for Gofi you’ll gain access to the Gofi Account Portal. There you’ll be able to edit your account information, access the Gofi Dashboard, create new fundraisers, link your Stripe account, and request reports. To access the account portal, click the profile icon in the menu navigation.

Why can't I create my fundraiser?

To create a fundraiser you must first have signed up for Gofi and linked your Stripe account to Gofi. You can accomplish this by clicking the “Stripe Connect” tab in the account portal. After your account is linked, click, “Create Fundraiser” to get started.

How do I access my fundraiser page?

First you’ll need to navigate to the account portal. There you’ll see a tab labelled, “Dashboard”. Once the Gofi Dashboard is loaded onto your screen, navigate to the proper fundraiser via the dropdown on the right-hand side. Then, on the left-hand side of your screen near the top, click the button that says, “Fundraiser page”