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  • Deals

    You can add up to six deals per business. You must have at least one deal.

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  • Edit Deals

    To remove a deal, simply remove the contents from the field value below. Each deal must have a name and details. However, you do not have to have all six deal slots enabled. You must have at least one active deal for each business. If you do not, the business will not appear in the app.

Business Uploader

The link below can be used by members of your organization or business owners/franchisees to create businesses for your fundraisers.

WARNING: You do not have the ability to preview a business!

Once published, the business added via this link will immediately become visible. Any logo, featured images, and deals will also be visible inside the Gofi application. After the business is added you will have the ability to edit the business inside the Gofi Dashboard as usual.


How do I change fundraisers?

Just underneath the header on the right hand is a selector for you to choose which fundraiser you are editing/viewing in your dashboard.

How do I add a business?

On the left hand side of your screen there is a form for you to add a new business. Simply fill out the required fields and submit. Keep in mind these changes will be live immediately in the Gofi app and affect all fundraisers within your organization.

Need Help?

Our friendly customer service staff is standing by to help answer any of your questions. Give us a call toll free at 1-833-GOFIAPP or shoot us a quick email at

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