Why are we still using discount cards? To boil it down to one statement, they’re what we know. Discount cards have been used for years as an effective means of raising money quickly for organizations around the United States. Coming in many different variants, the discount card has carried the same form for more than twenty years. A credit card sized piece of plastic with businesses and deals proudly displayed, ready to motivate co-workers, family members, and¬†acquaintances to purchase. Largely, the discount card is an incredible fundraiser idea. So what’s the problem?

On the surface, discount cards are the perfect fundraiser for organizations to pass out and haul in the money quickly and easily. They were fantastic back in 2002. But this is a modern digital age. With that, our fundraising ideas need to take a leap and adapt to a world of cell phones, app stores, and on-demand content. This is the heart of Gofi.

Gofi is the discount card with a twist. Let’s take a deep dive into the discount cards of the past and see how the old can become new.

Hand-to-hand cash exchanges

Switching from physical cash exchanges to digital transactions may be the biggest leap forward for discount cards and fundraising in general. With a typical fundraiser, cash can exchange¬†hands as many as five times. That’s five too many times for money to get misplaced, incorrectly counted, or just flat out stolen. Gofi uses the security of digital payments and encoded transactions to eliminate this issue altogether. With Stripe, Gofi is able to process a transaction and immediately transfer your funds to your account. This gives you the freedom to spend your raised funds almost immediately, rather than waiting on participants to turn in envelopes of cash.

Static bland cards

We all know what size the discount cards are. To fit ten businesses and deals on one card is a pretty challenging task. This limits your fundraiser’s capability significantly. If you could sell a discount card for $20 with just ten businesses, how much would one sell for with thirty businesses? Or better yet, how many more would you be able to sell with such a robust offering? This is exactly the problem that Gofi has solved with our mobile applications. With Gofi, you aren’t limited to any number of businesses! Perhaps best of all, you can add businesses to your fundraiser as time goes on. It’s quite common for a fundraiser to plateau after the first few weeks. With Gofi, you can revitalize your fundraiser by adding a few businesses! Adding a business is simple with the Gofi Dashboard. To learn more about the dashboard, click here now!

Dynamic sharing

Starting to notice a pattern here? Gofi is all about being dynamic and adapting to each organization’s individual needs. Typical fundraisers are limited to physical social interactions. Whether that be collecting money in person, handing off a discount card, or just telling people about the fundraiser in general. With Gofi, your entire fundraising platform is online! This is vital for your fundraiser, as you are able to reach people you never thought possible. Share your fundraiser’s activation page on social media platforms to garner more attention, which in return means more money. Each activation page is equipped with social sharing tools to make it as simple as possible to spread your fundraiser to the masses.


If you think the discount cards are a great fundraiser but are in need of a makeover, we couldn’t agree more. As the old adage states, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Discount cards definitely aren’t broke, but they are in desperate need of modern tools like secure digital payments, dynamic content, and social sharing. If you’re ready to give Gofi a shot, click here now!

Tyler Rolfe

Tyler grew up in a digital world with nothing but physical fundraisers. Knowing there was a better way, he co-founded Gofi with his business partner Dustin. Together, they're making fundraising simple.

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