Local business and fundraising have been hand in hand for years. From banners across the fence to yearbook ads, local business is the heart of all fundraising ideas. We have repeatedly asked them to open their checkbooks and sponsor the next thing we have planned. Although coming by the school or reading the yearbook and seeing your logo or banner is exciting it really doesn’t drive much business to their door. 

Gofi Fundraising has changed the game.  With the Gofi app you will be able to give back to those local businesses that have given so much to you. Gofi app offers a unique fundraising platform that gives a local business complete custom options to promote their business and best of all, its free. The only cost associated with Gofi Fundraising to the local business is the discounts they are willing to give. The fundraiser that gives back to the local business!

How does it work? 

The Fundraising ideas are endless with Gofi. Most local businesses want to create traffic into their locations, and with the customization features on Gofi they can do just that. Gofi offers a square logo and a banner with 3:1 ratio. Those can be changed periodically to match seasons and times. The deals can also be edited.  If you are a coffee shop and you want to offer a pumpkin spice flavor in the fall, you can promote that for the season and change it once fall is over. There are also multiple deal options.  If you want to put up 6 deals you can, and there is a separate area for the details. For example: “Buy one get one free” and the details would read: “Monday through Thursday 11am-1pm”. As a business owner, you are in control. Again, the most amazing part, it is free.

The idea behind fundraising with Gofi is not only to get funds raised but to create a platform where everyone wins. The traditional discount card has only offered a small 1 line description and possibly a small logo. The nonprofit organization, the local business and the person purchasing should all feel like they have won something and Gofi Fundraising does just that. The discount is a win for the purchaser, the purchase is a win for the business and best of all the organization wins by making both purchaser and the local business win.

So if you are searching for a fundraising idea that can not only help you raise money but create more traffic for your local businesses, then Gofi Fundraising is the solution for you. Gofi is simple, secure and successful. Checkout out our amazing dashboard demo and get started, not only raising money, but also helping the local businesses in your area with the ultimate fundraising idea, Gofi.

Dustin Busscher

As a father, PTO member, and coach, Dustin has an understanding of fundraising that few can match. Dustin is the co-founder of Gofi and is passionate about seeing organizations thrive without the headache of traditional fundraisers.

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