For years now fundraising has become a way of life for all nonprofit organizations.  Fundraising ideas are essential to growing your organization.  The more money you raise the more you can accomplish.  There are some organizations that have had so much success with their ideas that their fundraiser has become synonymous with their group.  Girl Scouts are the standard-bearer in this arena.  For decades now the world has anticipated the inevitable trip to the store when there they are with their glorious boxes of goodness.  The first thing you think of when you hear the name “Girl Scouts” is cookies.  Their flavors have infiltrated every avenue of life from coffee creamer to cereal.  Ideas like that don’t come around very often.  Now, here you are with your turn to be president of your child’s organization.  The last thing you want to do is fail or not raise as much as the year before.  Like most leaders before you, you find yourself not wanting to make waves, no drama, just do what they did last year.  The only problem is that is how it’s been done for the last 10 years and fundraising has come a long way since then.  Still, you being the leader that “tried something new” and failed is too much to handle.  So in the name of tradition you stay the course and do the same thing that has always been done and hope it works again.
Gofi is a new fundraising idea.  The appeal to stay the course is understandable, but raising more money than the last 5 leaders combined, and setting the students on a course that will be a new legacy is a wonderful thought as well.  Gofi actually offers something like no other company in real time analytics, and digital payment processes that are unmatched in the fundraising world.
Since the first fundraiser began, there has been only one day that could give you a clear understanding of whether your idea was a success or failure, the day everyone turns in their sheets and their money.  The checks are in along with scribbles notes, and a bunch of stories about how they hoped to achieve more but their parents were just to busy to take them out selling.  The last day!  In the midst of the fundraiser there is just no way to tell where you are.  Gofi takes that anxiety away.  With Gofi, as soon as a sale is made your back-end dashboard immediately lets you know.  Best of all, with one click those funds are instantly accessible.  You know exactly where you stand from day one with your new fundraising idea, Gofi.
So, whether your nonprofit organization is new to fundraising or has been doing it for years, Gofi is the new fundraising idea that will take you to the next level.  Go to for all the information on how you can get started today.  Gofi is fundraising ideas for the digital age that delivers every dollar quickly and securely.

Dustin Busscher

As a father, PTO member, and coach, Dustin has an understanding of fundraising that few can match. Dustin is the co-founder of Gofi and is passionate about seeing organizations thrive without the headache of traditional fundraisers.

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