When you search the web for fundraising ideas, you may come across some pretty great ones. However, some of those ideas are outdated and some are just a lot more work than they’re worth. I’ve heard of some people actually renting freezers and putting them in the halls of the school just to unload the truckload of cookie dough. Of course, that dough had to be unloaded at a totally inconvenient time and PTO members had to take time off work to help unload the truck. Then, parents had to be at the school to pick up the dough with coolers and ice, just to go and make deliveries that evening. Needless to say, it was quite an undertaking to raise just a few dollars. For literally decades organizations have gone to great lengths to raise money for their nonprofit organizations. Providing individuals with incentives is the key to taking fundraising from “just another thing” to an intense competition, which will raise funds at a higher rate than those with no incentives.

It’s 2019, if you’re looking for fundraising ideas you now have a plethora of options. The fundraisers with the best incentives are the ones that deliver the best results. Incentives do something to people that obligation cannot accomplish. Incentives motivate people to operate at a higher level. I’ve witnessed my own son come home and instantly focus on only the incentive part of the fundraising packet and not the actual fundraiser. Stating “Dad, I need to sell 75 items and I’ll get this really cool toy.” Seventy-five items didn’t seem like much until I looked at the junk he had to sell in order to get that incentive and I thought to myself, “This will never happen.” However, my reality didn’t stop him from calling his grandparents, neighbors, and my friends. When reaching out to individuals, he always started his sales pitch by telling them about the incentive he was working towards. They, in turn, would find something to buy (even though they knew they wouldn’t use it) just so that he would reach his incentive goal. Incentives are the best motivators to get people to reach goals.

That being said, when the “cool toy” gets delivered to my son, he realizes the picture or catalogue was a bit misleading. My son has come home with a look on his face like he has been hoodwinked. He hadn’t hit the incredibly high expectation of 75 items, but he did sell over 20 so he got a smaller incentive that came in the form of a happy meal toy. The bottom line is that the school probably had a very successful fundraiser because the incentives offered made the kids work harder. However, now that the kids feel let down by the lack of substance of the incentives, the next fundraiser probably won’t be as successful. 

How do we combat that and save money doing so? By allowing the profit margin to be large enough that the organization is in control of the incentives themselves. Fundraising companies that “include” the incentives are taking from the ultimate end goal and that is the profit margin of the non-profit organization. Gofi allows the non-profit to keep those funds and set their own incentives, better incentives! We, here at Gofi, highly recommend incentives to motivate participants to push sales hard, but the control needs to stay with the non-profit and not the fundraising company.

The key is to incentivize sales with a competitive race to motivate participants to sell. Gofi just puts those options in the hands of the leaders of the non-profit organization. Gofi is the top fundraising idea of the digital age and we encourage you to take complete control of your fundraiser and do it the best way possible for your group. Customize your app today and get started with Gofi!

Dustin Busscher

As a father, PTO member, and coach, Dustin has an understanding of fundraising that few can match. Dustin is the co-founder of Gofi and is passionate about seeing organizations thrive without the headache of traditional fundraisers.

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