What’s the “F” word you may ask? Some may think this is inappropriate, but the bottom line is fundraising has become just that. The “F” word. For years organizations have struggled with raising funds. Fundraisers can become quite redundant and repetitive. As a long time pastor, PTO/PTA member, and sports coach, no matter where you turn every non profit has to find a way to fundraise. I have done car washes, wrapped presents at Christmas, sold junk in catalogs, and don’t get me started on cookie dough! My point is this, Fundraising has become the “F” word. What is your least favorite phone call? How about when you see your coworkers kids are approaching with a box of the World’s Finest Chocolate, you start your diet immediately but before they leave you have purchased more than you care to have bought.

My point is simple, there must be a better way. Well that way is Gofi. Gofi has taken the most recent craze in fundraising and cranked it to 11! Discount cards are extremely popular these days but they have some limitations, Gofi has removed them all from the equation. Imagine a mobile application with your own personal list of local businesses, with pictures and multiple, editable deals from those businesses. A list you create, but best of all can grow all year long. A new business comes to town and wants to support your organization, well it’s as easy as a few clicks of the keyboard and boom your list just grew. Gofi makes Fundraising a breeze, and best off all with Gofi, every dollar is secure! For more information please click here!

Dustin Busscher

As a father, PTO member, and coach, Dustin has an understanding of fundraising that few can match. Dustin is the co-founder of Gofi and is passionate about seeing organizations thrive without the headache of traditional fundraisers.